"What a dream!!"

With this euphoric comment noted in the visitor's book, well-known winemaker Newald Marais, saluted Kranskop Winery on 9 April 2003. Never imagining that years later, he would return to the Breede River Valley as the proud owner of this remarkable boutique wine estate.

Although the cellar's first production year was in 2001, stories of yore date the first vines planted circa 1792. The craggy, rocky ledge atop Kranskop was inspiration for the hill's name. And its rugged stature and striking visual appeal deeply influenced the look of the winery.

Meet the Wine Maker, Newald Marais

Well-known and respected for his dedication, passion and love for the wine industry, Newald Marais has many an inspiring tale to tell buoyed by a long list of award-winning wines. In a garage on his family's farm Welgeluk outside of Robertson, this local lad's youthful inquisitiveness led to his first wine-making experience.

After high school, he studied viticulture and pomology at Elsenburg Agricultural College near Stellenbosch. His boyish curiousity had matured into a full-blown quest to further hone his wine making skills and led him to Germany to study at Weinbauschule Weinsberg. Achieving great success as wine maker at prominent wine estates, Newald returned to his valley of origin in 2002 to become a sought-after wine making consultant to a variety of cellars.

The ultimate "dream" was fulfilled in 2009 when he became the owner of Kranskop Wine Estate - his own cellar in which to produce his basked pressed perfected wine. For one who had achieved the highest aspirations in the industry, it was nostalgic and invigorating to return to the countryside to join in the growing resurgence and appreciation of wines crafted in a traditional way.



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